Month: March 2017

How to deal with rust inside and outside the home

Close Encounters of your home with the rust can have very unpleasant consequences, especially if you do not pay attention to time. The good news is that you can handle yourself as long as it is caught at an early stage of development. The bad news is that it can affect almost all – windows, pipes and generally all metal objects exposed to excessive moisture. If corrosion has affected the subject more seriously, you will probably have to dispense with it, although sometimes intervention specialist might prevent this.

Important in the use of chemicals

For treatment of metal surfaces with fine decorations that would damage the wire brush, we recommend using chemicals. Be careful when using them because they are often based on phosphoric acid, which neutralizes the rust. So always wear gloves, goggles and medical mask. Brush preparation wait a while the rust to liquefy, then you can easily remove it. Option is initially heated metal device with a small burner.

Assistance directly from the kitchen

Every housewife knows that some cooking products can be implemented effectively and outside the kitchen. To deal with rust recommend using tomato juice, cola, salt and lime juice or baking soda and lemon juice. The principle is similar for each of these products, applied on a sponge and light circular motions treat rusted area. Let stand a few minutes and then wipe it dry with a dry cloth. According to some specialists, it is well before rub rusty shell to soak items in paraffin for several hours. Regardless of which method you choose do not forget to put gloves. They will protect you against injuries and possible infections.

What we can achieve on our own?

However, if you try to divide with the rust by yourself, the first thing to do is to remove it from the metal surfaces like pipes, windows and more. Assistance in this task come the good old wire brush or abrasive paper with which to rub the metal object. For an easy and quick result, you can use a grinding machine, be sure to do intense movements to avoid damaging the metal underneath. If the rust is hard, you can use citric acid, vinegar or other preparations for removing it on the market.

It comes the paint

After removing the rust, dry place and ready to paint with primer as you can search the market and particularly specialized anti-rust. It is suitable mainly for external metal objects, which are often subject to excessive moisture. As for the paint, though available paints, which you can simply cover the metal surface, we recommend first to remove the rust from it by any of the above methods. While it is more labor intensive, it will ensure lasting results.

Effectively remove rust with converter

We can not miss and the effect of using rust converter. It works on the principle of chemicals by creating a protective coating on an already rusted surface. So it will be very difficult noticeable, but experts warn that the paint does not last long on it, and therefore is not recommended option, although it is extremely easy to apply.

These few steps will surely help you to master the situation with rust in your home. And for the cleanliness of your home call cleaning specialist. Different companies offer different prices for the services but you can investigate the matter. For example, when I was moving into a new house I compared the end of tenancy cleaning prices to the different agencies.