Ready for a break? Practically no garden style, which is known for its harmony and a sense of peace and tranquility of Asian-style garden. This style offers unlimited options for designing your own oasis of tranquility.

Most important are the peace and quiet

Whether you want to redesign your entire garden or just add a touch of Asian flair to a little nook Asian style can be achieved through plenty of options, including both approaches. With a little creativity and a combination of water, moss, stones and trees, you can create your own space in which to relax and forget about the stress of the workday.The Asian style is characterized by a lack of corners and edges, as far as possible, it forms a slight flow into one another. Typical Asian garden is well-balanced and asymmetric, as it has an odd number of plants and stones. According to Asian culture such a garden brings good luck in many Asian homes are believed to “protect from evil spirits.”Considering the cultural importance of harmonious mistake, nobody would be surprised that almost no garden that looks as good care as Asian garden. This is understood as the creation of such an aesthetic garden requires special attention and care.

A world of complementing plants

Many people are enchanted by the serenity and simplicity of Asian gardens. You should not overdo it when selecting your plants; stick to plants that will highlight some elements of the overall design and those that are eye candy alone. To keep simplicity and clean look of the garden, you could organize an abundance of plants in small groups – thus creating a particularly “quiet” but tidy scene.When choosing plants that will give you a wink particularly from Asia, Japanese maple in all its different varieties is a good choice that will not disappoint. Similarly, pines and cypresses, known as “big bonsai” will be your own feast for the eyes. Lichens, mosses, grasses and the popular bamboo will give a sense of place and background of your garden ornaments. Bamboo can also be a great screen that retains your privacy to enjoy their oasis, away from prying eyes. If you have enough room for them in your garden, Japanese maples provide striking color accent. Depending on the variety of open and closed white or pink colors will bring charm to your garden every spring. Maple tree symbolizes simplicity and therefore embodies the basic concept of Asian garden: the garden as a space reflecting his personality. Although flowering plants play a relatively small role in the Asian garden during the year, typical for Asian gardens azaleas and rhododendrons can still be arranged in a way to accentuate the design of the garden. When you have positioned your selected plants in the space provided for them beds can be covered with decorative gravel.

Meditative waves

Asian gardens are known for their hypnotic, ideally situated in the form of waves beds. To create a place for meditation waves of 15 square meters, you will need about 1.2 metric tons of gravel. “Combing” and changing the pattern of gravel recommended by Zen monks as a meditative experience, but to enjoy it you should try it yourself! To create a typical pattern wave, you have to use gravel with a particle size of 2-4 mm or 4-8 mm. No matter whether you prefer a fine or coarse gravel – it provides the Asian garden a lot of freedom to create a unique design. For example, you can embed small islands plants in the gray sea of gravel, creating another attractive haven of peace.

Final touches

Water has an almost magical effect on us. Therefore any Asian garden should not be deprived of a sense of serenity that brings pond. Whether you choose a small round pond, stream or even artificial fountain for your dream garden – silence on the water surface or bubbling soothing sounds always create a very special atmosphere.

You can add your own special touch to turn your Asian garden in a reflection of ourselves.

Fabulous Asian garden design ideas.


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