The Housekeeper’s One Hour Cleaning Routine

The situations when you need to perfect your house really fast and make it look perfect again are numerous. No matter whether your mum has called telling you that she is on her way to your house, whether a bunch of friends just texted you telling you that they are stopping by for a glass of wine, whether an old friend is coming for a coffee and a catch up or the mummy of your little kid’s best friend is bringing him to your place, you need to make this house look nice and you need to cope with this problem in a minimal amount of time. In fact, the simplest reason for you always being in a hurry is that you have two days off every week and the last thing you dream of doing then is cleaning your house. So the weekly cleaning routine is an hour or two in a late Friday afternoon for the sake of having the weekend schedule free. But no matter how much you want to clean fast and to take care of all the tasks, you are never doing this right and it always takes you too much time.

The truth is that there is only one person who can teach you how to clean fast and efficiently and this is the expert housekeeper. She is doing this for a living, which means that she has the necessary experience to cope with the entire situation, but in the same time after cleaning for 8 hours straight, she doesn’t want to go home and clean for 8 more – that is how she learnt to clean super fast. And here are the two main advice she gave – write them down now and never ever forget about them.