The beautifully decorated interior at home, in the office, in the villa, in the mall not only works well but also creates, represents and reflects the inner world of space. The three most important components of the successful project are – functionality, mood, and spirit – the presence of all three elements is an indisputable guarantee of the success of the professional designer.

The Interior Design course

The Interior Design course will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to design and implement an interior design. The basics of design, terminology, specific tools are used. You will learn about the color and the ways in which light affects the shape and function of the objects; you will learn about aesthetics, elements, composition and organizational principles in interior design, you will explore the ways in which colors affect emotion and space.

You will work in detail with the AutoCad program – tracking carefully all the initial settings, commands, preparing your project. You will learn the difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics and more.

AutoCAD Tutorials Full by CAD CAM Tutorials

We will further build on your knowledge of theory and tasks related to the interior design of public spaces and work with the 3D Studio Max program. At the end of your training you will focus your efforts and knowledge on participating in group projects, teamwork and portfolio development. The training is extremely practical, aimed at mastering the latest techniques, techniques and trends in interior design, working with specialized software programs and tools.

What is this interior design and do we need it?

Why do architects and designers take the money to repair your home and do every housewife who bought the last few pieces of Brava casa or any other interior magazine can call herself an interior designer? What is the work of the architect and the designers and do we really need them? One of the biggest professional challenges not only for us but also for our colleagues is that interior design is something everyone thinks he can do. As in England, as well as anywhere in the world, architecture and interior design overflow each other, interacting and complementing each other. You do not need to be an architect to be an interior designer, but architectural skills are definitely an advantage. In this post, we will address the subject specifically to interior design, and to architects and the construction of our surroundings and buildings – a little later.

Interior design covers the design of homes, offices, restaurants, shops or any other space. Each of those listed has its own specific requirements and we could not comment on everyone now. That’s why we’ll talk about things in general. Let’s start this way: You have just become the proud owner of a 100-square-meter apartment in a nice neighborhood. There is space for a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and possibly a closet. You want to make your place under the sky cozy, warm and good looking. But you have no idea how, why, and what it takes to achieve these desires. Because the design is not to go to the furniture store and buy the tiles, parquet and furniture you like. The fact is that the designer has to comply with the client’s desire but also to consult when and where he is confused.

Photo by Lorenzo Cafaro from Pexels

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