No car owner is immune to the risk of a poor quality fuel containing large amounts of impurities. They can eventually take a toll on the diesel engine, thus damaging the essential components of the fuel system – nozzles and pumps.

The tech-savvy diesel repair center offers repair, recycling, inspection and testing of diesel pumps and nozzles. (Check out the official webpage to find out more about its portfolio.)

What could happen if you neglect the dysfunctional part?

Low-quality fuel could entirely put the life of the fuel system right on the line. Essentially, the repair that usually follows as a result of the enormous damages to the fuel system requires:

  •    Careful, thorough inspection of the problem
  •    Technologically advanced equipment
  •    High-qualified specialists at hand

Amongst the most popular repair services offered at Sofia Diesel Center is the ultrasonic cleaning of the diesel nozzles – the most effective method to get rid of dirt, affecting the proper functioning of the engine and its key components.

The cleaning process includes a specific cutting-edge ultrasonic computer device.

Essentially, diesel nozzles are quite expensive – meaning that the more frequently they get cleaned, the longer they can make it without the need of a pricey replacement.

Sofia Diesel Center works with high-quality parts

As a rule of thumb, our repair center doesn’t at all use poor quality components. Here, you can expect excellent services, since Sofia Diesel center uses additional parts only recommended by the leading manufacturers. As a result, the client gets an immaculate service at quite a reasonable price.

What’s the actual process of getting the damaged part fixed?

We start out by finding the root of the problem that has already damaged the pumps, nozzles or both, followed by a rough calculation of the repair service. Only when both parties have shaken hands on the amount, our mechanics at Sofia Diesel Center can finally get to work.

Interestingly, though, the car can remain on the road even though its nozzles have long gone off the rails. However, if you ask us, we advise you against riding it in this poor state and have it fixed instead. Once the nozzles are broken, they might stop working at any given point, and you certainly wouldn’t want that to happen while on the road.

What are the most common problems with diesel engines?

There could be a whole palette of problems with the diesel engine. There still is a short list of the most common ones:

  • #Case 1: The ignition system works intermittently

This happens when the ignition systems work at intervals, and the diesel engine is hard to trigger.
The angrenage strap most certainly causes this – well, it’s probably broken.
In such a case, the vehicle should remain off the road until the problems get solved. At that point, any attempts to “revive” the engine may cause even further damage to its entire internal structure.

  • #Case 2: The starter turns the engine, with smoke emissions, but the engine still won’t start

When this problem occurs, the fuel filter (it may be contaminated), the fuel hose (especially its weak sealing), as well as the fuel itself (the formation of paraffin in it) should be observed.
If all of these components work correctly, then it may be necessary to repair the nozzles.

  • #Case 3: The starter won’t turn

Check the battery charge and the efficiency of the starter itself. Such problems usually speak of unprofessional service and pre-treatment of the vehicle. The basic rule of thumb to avoid the reoccurrence of any of them is to change the engine oil every 7000-8000 km.

For the best quality and efficient maintenance of the fuel system, the mechanics at Sofia Diesel Center are ready to help with professional services that will provide you with the best recommendations on the proper and safe use of your vehicle.

Should you need more information about our services, please contact us at + 359 888 09 80 60 or visit us at 37 Paprat Street, Dragalevtski, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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