You have felt the adrenalin of leaving your home and going away. You have lost the ground beneath your feet and you have found comfort in flying and being lost. The brutality of the unknown, the fear of the homelessness, the joy of meeting new people, the harm of feeling the nostalgia, fashion-hat-straw-hatthe happiness of sightseeing, the fascination of exploring, the turbulence, the trains, the cars, the lifts, the planes, the photo boots, the museums and the galleries, the backpacks, the take away coffee, the tickets, the photos. You know all of these. You love them and you want to bring them at home. And even if you are not doing it aimfully, you are doing it unconsciously and your house has its own soul and spirit, which are reflection of you and your endless adventures.

But what are the features of the traveler’s house and why is it that charming?

When you are abroad that often, you are bringing numerous bits and pieces back with you. And as they are random for the country you got it from, they are much more interesting for you and for the people who would visit your house. That hookah from Egypt, the French coffee press, the Italian pasta making machine, the shells from shores from all over the world, the London tea, the Belgian, Swiss and German chocolate, they are just amazing and they are making your house amazing, as well.

But in addition, there are the photos.

You don’t have a photo with in front of the Eifel Tower only, which is so commercial and somehow mediocre. You have photos with camels, with people all around the world, with small houses and big architectural monuments, with endless beaches and picturesque mountains.

Spread them around and desire.


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